White House Biennial.

 My contribution for the White House Biennial, a red flag for revolution, and a white one for peace.

 The combination of red colors and revolution theme screams out for blood and revenge. My idea of revolution is more towards inner change and evolution of the mind. This kind of philosophy though is again lately heavily abused by fashion, marketing and cheap sites of "ten steps to happiness". So I'll quote Chuck Palahniuk "self improvement is masturbation, now, self destruction is the answer" and I hope no one will take it literally but rather symbolically, referring to the concept of the "Self". Likewise, "Boycott Humanity, In Aliens and Cyborgs we trust" is more about taking over on our animalistic egocentric side, bringing forth logic and evolution of though for a change.

The white flag representing peace is much more obvious. I had in mind the triptych "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" this time referring more to the humanitarian aspect of peace rather than inner peace. Hopefully one leads to another and vice versa. I worked with acrylics and then added carbon and white pastel in order to bring the "different kinds of walls" effect, meaning that each different culture has it's own cultural barriers but accepting one another might set us free.

Huge thanxs to Dionisis Christofilogiannis and Mrs. Chalivopoulou.


During school hours #2.

This way up, acrylic.

 Analogous colours study, acrylic.


During school hours.

Few pieces made during school time, various copied objects including the classic Hermes statue.