What's The Word? Thunderbird!
What's the price? Forty Twice!

(60x80cm, acrylics on canvas)


A Holy Show.

Few weeks have passed from the "A Holy Show" album launch at Six Dogs. Our beloved band leader Adonis Goulielmos couldn't make it on stage cause of a pretty awful accident on his fingers but Pavleas from Jazzmatazz saved the day. And it was pretty great. Huge thanx to all the people who supported us, props to Manolis Aggelakis for the sound, Moses Nahmias as usual and Penelopi Gerasimou for the amazing pics.
 Check out/Buy online the album HERE.


Pretty Pricey Magic Store.

(Πανάκριβο μαγικό μαγαζάκι, 90x80cm, Acrylic on canvas)
The magic store just opened and the owner is placing the gemstones on the shelves.

Detail #1
Under the white acacia tree numerous gemstones are for sale, 
mostly jade, amethyst, pink and white quartz.

 Detail #2
Smaller pieces are rather expensive and the price goes higher for larger obgects.
Most expensive are the birds of paradise.