Blueberry Wine.

 (Μπλούμπερι κρασί) 100 x 80 cm, oil on canvas.

Detail #1. The heavily armed thug pound is after me on the isle streets.
They look for me at the gates of the purple temple by the sea but
 I find shelter under a white window pane, 
laying on the ground, 
trembling with fear, 
praying intensely to God not to be found.

Detail#2.  I meet the last of the dark hooded crew, 
who reveals to me his double headed nature and kind, friendly spirit. 
After him, the sun comes up and Lion Man* marches on.

Detail #3. Then, on the isle tavern,
 I'm offered blueberry concentrate mixed with white wine.
Oh, how almost black turns to bright baby blue.

*Lion Man=Aristomenes=Righteous Anger

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