Father is calling for home repairs.

(O Πατέρας καλεί για την επισκευή της Oικείας)  120 x 100 cm, oil on canvas .

  My father, Michael, recently bought the place,
 but it needs fixing.

 Detail #1, the three kind older residents will be staying with us.

Detail #2, the old owner rotting in the kitchen, 
where the old fridge used to be.

Detail #3, it's time to stop laying,
 watching and smoking bad stuff, get up and give him a hand.



 I was Salome, 
you were Jokanaan, 
I threw for you my seven veils...

But never kissed you in the sea,
 I stood unclothed, your shore was gold,

 your sun was black, I wore my shades,

 and took from you your seven blades.

 I was Salome, 
you were Jokanaan,
white was your skin, 
  black were my nails...

 N' what if I've seen you in a dream,
n' what if I swore we've kissed before,

some myths are bound to never change
till all the letters rearrange...

Here is my heart up on a plate,
well, won't you share your lovely hair?

Baby, I'm told, I'm growing old, so,
let my just hold your gentle air...


The spy who bugged me.

 Τhe great difference
 between a good spy
and a petty detective,
it ain't being effective,
ain't being objective.

 You shoulda've listened with your heart.

Now fuck your periscope,
fuck your phony 360 view.
You'll never ever have a clew
of how I loved you.

Your programs failed,
robotic, misanthropic,
only thing recorded
is my struggle to get over,
get over, get over you.
Now fuck your fancy telescope,
fuck your poison antidote,
you'll die and never have a clew
of how I love you.

Now, is this all you can do for your country, fckr?
Cry like a lil btch,
stub like Mafia,
hit & run from your own motherland.
Go judge your own treason,
go fuck yourself in your own little prison,
say no to all your visitors,

 n' by the end of this season go back to
Cry like a lil btch,
stub like Mafia,
hit n' run from
your own motherland.
 Is this all you can do for your own country, fckr?
how many identities are allowed in double O's?

Bodies in bags, gun's  blazin' hot,
we died and you never had a clew
of how I loved you,
simple and true.


Christmas in Athens!

Yesterday evening, me and the Swing Shoes, along with our brotherly band The Happy Dog Project (sharing the same bass & drums player) performed on Syntagma Square for the annual Xmas concerts of the city of Athens. Free, open gigs are awesome cause you get to play for every kind of age and race group, so sharing the love gets much easier and to the point. So, best wishes to everybody for a kind and loving Christmas and a joyful, healthy 2015.


Back to School #2.

According to many experienced iconographers, maybe the best Byzantine Iconography school was located all along a few blocks from my house. I'm feeling pretty lucky learning this amazing technique and meeting all these new friends. In case you're interested, the school is located at Plaitou 11, Peiraiki and it's the only school that actually provides the graduates with an official degree.