Won't pass it on.

 It's a plague in our species
this self absorption,
but I ain't willing to pass it on.
I'll hit the doctor
tomorrow morning,
might do me nothing,
but I'll do something.

 This bag of lies
that keeps on feeding me
I won't be needing it,
I won't keep cravin' it.
This self abuse
I got myself into,
I won't pass it on baby,
won't pass it on.
I might find out
there ain't no tricks,
maybe I'm just too broken by this life
and can't be fixed,
 at least I'll know baby
and that is something,
cause then I won't let myself
pass it on, won't pass it on.

 I might just find out
that there's a cure out there,
might take my whole life
until I'm pure again,
might do me nothing,
but I'll do something
not to pass it on baby.

 So thank you for beating me
n' throwin' all your sht in me,
If I weren't lovin' it
then I wouldn't feed from it,
this gene of Georgia,
I'll  make it work or
I won't pass it on baby,
I won't pass it on.

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