Whorechild blues.

 I was born a whorechild, see,
oh, ma mama told me so, every day since I was three,

Here comes the useless whorechild, like my nanny,
every time some paint would hit the floor,
took me half ma youth to make believe
n' other  half to fill the hole.

 But, Lord, lately after some resolution came,
I see I ain't been all that bad, considering the 00's stats,
I'm pretty much a nerd.
Never one-nightstanded really,
except a hit few dates n' ditch kinda cat...
(you know who you are)
 You prostitute me, then vulgarize me babe,
 still I'm crying out for our lonesome hearts.

 And I ain't no toothpaste on the shelf,
squeezed a bit, so the super-market won't sell no more,
I ain't no toothpaste on the shelf, no,
squeezed a bit so go ahead n' put me on the bottom drawer, 

 n' even if I were a paste babe, I'd splash yo brush fo free, forever,
see I'm that special kinda paste you been looking for.

 I think I'm going slightly mad, here,
these kinda things can seriously turn a human being mad,

 Baby, I'll make a documentary,
with all my friends n' family swearin' for the love I have.

 Only wanna bring us close babe,
and we'll find a way this time to work this through,yeah.

We've been given a throne, my king,
it just got some mending for us to do,

See this room is filled with abandoned thrones, babe,
  they all need a bit o mending, and that's the truth.

 (Trouba hood pics and This Particular Clip did the trick!)

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