Baby, let's go to therapy together.

 Baby, let's go to therapy together,
let's hit therapy together,
oh, it would be so European, love,
like two best friends together growing older,
two unfulfilled lovers date, every week on the coutch!

 In all them wicked games that we got through,
baby, your ego's won,  not you,
maybe we found another cause we're so damn egoistic,
borderline, depressed or maybe plain narcissistic,
hey, let's hit therapy together.

 Lately your soul's been spillin' blood n' vile
but I've been down that valley, been down that mile,
n' through them walls I can't get through,
if you ain't with me love, both facing truth,
let's hit therapy together.

Psycho doctor's office is the new hip,
layin' down, exchanging glances once a week!
Spillin' our guts till spillin' is through,
get rid οf all the shit so we can do what we do, babe,
let's go to therapy together.

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