Kind to Me.

So, this April Fool's Day, me and  beloved buddies The Swing Shoes went to Athens Concert Hall for a full day live recording session of a few covers and four original tracks we were working on. Thankfully, most talented Electra Poirazoglou (Films in A Bag) came to capture the process and created this awesome vid! The album named "A Holy Show" (that is, to make a spectacle of yourself in Irish slang) will be released in cd and vinyl from the notorious Lab Records somewhere around Christmas. Huge thanx to B. Blazoudakis, G.Mathioudakis, M. Aggelakis, Mos & Jacob.  
Pics from the recording HERE.

And here's a sneak preview of the album cover I painted, spot the band members!

A Holy Show, 50x40cm, oil on wooden panel.

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