I'd rather be on a mountain top.

 I long to live on a mountain top,
free from this city's vileness and wrath.
Free from the plots and the whoring of hearts,
up on the hill all is simple and still.

 Am I a coward for abandoning the flock?
City's the battlefield but shepherd I'm not.
Too many leaders, yet too little light.
Lord, should I go up that mountain or stay down n' fight?

 Lovers they played me and teachers they lied,
relatives tortured me, n' my children they died,
n' you know I thank you Lord for each sin that I pay,
but who am I to even think I can show them the way?

 Hasn't been too long since  I was a big sinner myself,
prayin' for heaven but bringing forth hell.
Only thing I learned is that the one place to lean on
is brotherly love and a conciousness clean

 Too many books taught me knowledge there's none,
too many travels but destination's just one,

 n' though I love every creature I meet on the spot
I'd rather be on a mountain top,

 I'd rather be on a mountain top,
I'd rather be on a mountain top,
I'd rather be on a mountain top,
I'd rather be on a mountain top.


Won't pass it on.

 It's a plague in our species
this self absorption,
but I ain't willing to pass it on.
I'll hit the doctor
tomorrow morning,
might do me nothing,
but I'll do something.

 This bag of lies
that keeps on feeding me
I won't be needing it,
I won't keep cravin' it.
This self abuse
I got myself into,
I won't pass it on baby,
won't pass it on.
I might find out
there ain't no tricks,
maybe I'm just too broken by this life
and can't be fixed,
 at least I'll know baby
and that is something,
cause then I won't let myself
pass it on, won't pass it on.

 I might just find out
that there's a cure out there,
might take my whole life
until I'm pure again,
might do me nothing,
but I'll do something
not to pass it on baby.

 So thank you for beating me
n' throwin' all your sht in me,
If I weren't lovin' it
then I wouldn't feed from it,
this gene of Georgia,
I'll  make it work or
I won't pass it on baby,
I won't pass it on.



Few hours remaining till the closing of this year's Creative Time Summit Stockholm, 
catch the main event via live streaming HERE.

(Mood of the day, tape rewind)


Baby, let's go to therapy together.

 Baby, let's go to therapy together,
let's hit therapy together,
oh, it would be so European, love,
like two best friends together growing older,
two unfulfilled lovers date, every week on the coutch!

 In all them wicked games that we got through,
baby, your ego's won,  not you,
maybe we found another cause we're so damn egoistic,
borderline, depressed or maybe plain narcissistic,
hey, let's hit therapy together.

 Lately your soul's been spillin' blood n' vile
but I've been down that valley, been down that mile,
n' through them walls I can't get through,
if you ain't with me love, both facing truth,
let's hit therapy together.

Psycho doctor's office is the new hip,
layin' down, exchanging glances once a week!
Spillin' our guts till spillin' is through,
get rid οf all the shit so we can do what we do, babe,
let's go to therapy together.


Kind to Me.

So, this April Fool's Day, me and  beloved buddies The Swing Shoes went to Athens Concert Hall for a full day live recording session of a few covers and four original tracks we were working on. Thankfully, most talented Electra Poirazoglou (Films in A Bag) came to capture the process and created this awesome vid! The album named "A Holy Show" (that is, to make a spectacle of yourself in Irish slang) will be released in cd and vinyl from the notorious Lab Records somewhere around Christmas. Huge thanx to B. Blazoudakis, G.Mathioudakis, M. Aggelakis, Mos & Jacob.  
Pics from the recording HERE.

And here's a sneak preview of the album cover I painted, spot the band members!

A Holy Show, 50x40cm, oil on wooden panel.


In a silent day.

 In a silent way
on a roof top's day
sun is gazing
while slowly we lay kissin',
white and scented sheets

 from the flowery breaths
of adoring young lovers in bliss...

 Such  a silent day,
such a slow pace dance,
warm embracing in yellow, pink n' white,
 let the lions reign
on their own red barn,
 how I love you under the light.

 I ain't dreamin' of skyscrapers
or the knowledge of few
all I need is a sunny room
n' wakin' up next to you

So, let the lions reighn
on their own red barn,
love is waiting, waiting for you...

Oh, still and silent day,
without fear, nor fight,
how I love you under the light.


Push Hell in 2D.

"Jealousy is Lernaean!" Speed sketching, 70x100cm, carbon.

Talkin' bout "Pushin' Hell in 2D", introducing an older track
 I did with the amazing headbangers VGO - Video Game Orchestra.
 Gotta admit I'm in much lighter mood since then, no need to get so upset, girl! 
So, keep the love alive, fear accepted for heavy beats,
 horror films and Halloween, maybe?


Carbon death.

 So, first midterm and the pre final sketches of wild animals 
had the subject "It's not dead, it's sleeping." 

 Then came the day of the exam with the subject "It's not sleeping, it's dead." Seriously.

 Can't say it was my favourite day in class.


Whorechild blues.

 I was born a whorechild, see,
oh, ma mama told me so, every day since I was three,

Here comes the useless whorechild, like my nanny,
every time some paint would hit the floor,
took me half ma youth to make believe
n' other  half to fill the hole.

 But, Lord, lately after some resolution came,
I see I ain't been all that bad, considering the 00's stats,
I'm pretty much a nerd.
Never one-nightstanded really,
except a hit few dates n' ditch kinda cat...
(you know who you are)
 You prostitute me, then vulgarize me babe,
 still I'm crying out for our lonesome hearts.

 And I ain't no toothpaste on the shelf,
squeezed a bit, so the super-market won't sell no more,
I ain't no toothpaste on the shelf, no,
squeezed a bit so go ahead n' put me on the bottom drawer, 

 n' even if I were a paste babe, I'd splash yo brush fo free, forever,
see I'm that special kinda paste you been looking for.

 I think I'm going slightly mad, here,
these kinda things can seriously turn a human being mad,

 Baby, I'll make a documentary,
with all my friends n' family swearin' for the love I have.

 Only wanna bring us close babe,
and we'll find a way this time to work this through,yeah.

We've been given a throne, my king,
it just got some mending for us to do,

See this room is filled with abandoned thrones, babe,
  they all need a bit o mending, and that's the truth.

 (Trouba hood pics and This Particular Clip did the trick!)