On a House of cards.

 Early one morning after heavy raindrop,
the wind did threw me the cards on park front.

 Ten of hearts sittin' by the riverside,
sweet love reunion among the communion.

Running came The Joker, born both good and bad
but  the Ace of Spades' sayin' he gonn' be a man-o-God,
got three of hearts, the Beauty charm, eight of clubs, The Sun.
Six of clubs' mission is the gift of intuition.

 Now, you and I is I and I, both hero and the muse,
down goes the ceiling, lift me up  and I'll guide you into the news.
See, since I was a kid, we'd turn the green grass over,
and search in all the hills for the four-leaved clover.


(sugahspank! lyrics, 2014)

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