Back to school.

 Baby you say you love me but
sayin' it per se won't do, no,
even your sayings change like Mr. Weather changes his clothes,

 n' if you love me then why don't you hold me,
kiss my lips and like I adore you, adore me,
should there be another slaughter on ma doorstep, so you'll call?

 If it's so hard to find ten minutes to share a kiss and the same air,
then please, sir, take just a few seconds to fill the following questionnaire:

 Is it A) You only love me when I'm far and away, or
is it B) Soon darlin' you'll be ridin' with me
is it C) You still need time to reflect and forsee
or is it D) None of the above, babe?

Is it E) You want me but you're still not quite sure?
is it F) You're hurtin' and your heart is a sore?
is it G) Depression took your song for too long?
or it it H) All of the above, babe?
Now, whatever it is,

 You know I'll wait for you babe, 
like I've been waitin' this whole time through,
ain't got no choice but to bow down to your will,
n' I don't mind the hurtin' and the cryin',
 but I don't ever wanna see our cherished love dying
just cause we never got the chance to talk this through,

 If it's so hard to find ten minutes just to see your smile, 
touch your soft hair,
then please, sir, it only takes a few secs 
to fill the following questionnaire: 

Now is it I) Honey, you need me as I?
n' is it J) Soon I'll be sleepin' happily in your pjs?
is it K) babe, I'm yours, you're mine and it's gonna be OK,
is it L) is this real love baby?

or is it M) Maybe, N) Not right now!
is it O) Oh, you wanna but you don't know how,
is it P) Please darlin', I'm just a lonely girl,
 hopin', prayin'....

Now, is it Q) Only quietly  but never in the open,
or maybe it's R) Readily, but never got the chance,
is it S) Severely, Seriously, Solid, Steady!
or is it T) Time will only tell if you'll ever be quite ready...
Is it U) or is it me that makes you hide from the sun?
is it V) Very very warm the heat of your gun,
W) Well, is this fun for you?
Then it's fun for me too babe...


Is it X) baby? Soon you'll be writting me a text
and is this Y) we're the only lovers left alive,
or maybe it's Z) we got plenty, plenty-o-time till we're dead!
Which one is it babe?
Which one is it?!
whatever it is I'll hold on to you,
cause you've changed my life
and I'm grateful
n' I adore you so,

so c'mon baby,

A-tick! a-tick! a-tick-tick-tick babe,
aaa-tick! a-tick! a-tick-tick-tick,
a-tick, a-tick-a-tick...

(ss lyrics, 2014)


Gumbo Parades.

Here are some random pics from Gumbo Ya Ya's last street bbq party at Aiolou Street outside Mama Roux. Except from that horrible meat eating habit, the night was pure urban paradise, full of New Orleans spirit! Catch us next on Oct. 21 at Faust or Oct. 22nd at The Hub's Art Links!


Working Bees.

Pics from last week's recording sessions at Sierra Studios, for the upcoming Christmas album of Dimitris Kalatzis. Athens' finest jazz artists came together for some real warm recordings full of  jazzy bigband Xmas Spirit, coming out next month!

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Turn on your lovelight.

Rather dated pics from this summer's high times gig with The Swing Shoes at The Gardens of Athens Concert Hall. I also found this funny video on youtube, think it's about time I stop screaming so many "yeahs", I sound like a crazy person, but you'll get the point. 
Photos by Miltos Sideris (thank you!).


On a House of cards.

 Early one morning after heavy raindrop,
the wind did threw me the cards on park front.

 Ten of hearts sittin' by the riverside,
sweet love reunion among the communion.

Running came The Joker, born both good and bad
but  the Ace of Spades' sayin' he gonn' be a man-o-God,
got three of hearts, the Beauty charm, eight of clubs, The Sun.
Six of clubs' mission is the gift of intuition.

 Now, you and I is I and I, both hero and the muse,
down goes the ceiling, lift me up  and I'll guide you into the news.
See, since I was a kid, we'd turn the green grass over,
and search in all the hills for the four-leaved clover.


(sugahspank! lyrics, 2014)