The jump.

 I love you with all my love,
it's all been forgiven now.

 I say, if you're hungry, eat,
if you're thirsty, drink
but why break your own heart?

 Two roads to exit:
go by The Law
or know The Law
Oooh-ooh! darling, how i know now
the cold blade of knowing nothing really...

  That puff!!!... and silence!
Lethe kisses in small doses
 I'm too many fish floating in fizz
high pitch straight line OST.
 Friends saw me in their dreams, standing tall with long hair,
others taking my hand by force and leading me up the building.
I guess they all saw it coming, 
the jump.

So, it's all been forgiven now,
i say, if you're hungry eat, 
if you're thirsty, drink
but don't break your own heart,
and not for once think i didn't deserve this.

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