Cosmic lovebirds!

We're payin' our dues for much too long now,
and I know baby we gon' keep that goin' on for some time, but,

time ain't too heavy when I'm runnin it with you, yeah,
cause up the stars ain't got no timing up to do...

See, I could trick myself in hating on you brother, but,

you and I now know we ain't messin'with one another, so,
check how you done your girl oldschoolin'-back-da-funk now,
you've got the key, I got the lock, it's time to rock now!

Let's learn to love life together baby,

    As-all-tacky- as-it- seems,

      yeah, yeah, we're cosmic lovebirds!

Rock stars grow boring when they start singing bout cosmic love, but,
who cares darlin', I can't take ma eyes from above!

And my tail is telling me our histories combine
in such ways that in the end in all intertwine,
so, let me beat you down just to make you nice and tender,
sing my love for you in every style on my agenda,

look how the sun fell on us n' warming up now,

look, fellow man, just how fairy tales bein' done!

Let's learn to love life together baby,

    as-all-sweet- as-all-it- is,

 yeah, yeah, we're cosmic lovebirds!

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