Weekend gigs.

So, tonight I'm with The Swing Shoes at Lemon Tree, Paiania. Tomorrow, niceness guaranteed at Floral, Exarhia... And next Friday night we're at Kostis Maraveyas' tv show "Μουσική Παντού" at NEPIT.
Pics from the tv shooting at NO RESPECT Street Art Exhibition
 at Onassis Cultural Centre by Moses Nahmias.


The jump.

 I love you with all my love,
it's all been forgiven now.

 I say, if you're hungry, eat,
if you're thirsty, drink
but why break your own heart?

 Two roads to exit:
go by The Law
or know The Law
Oooh-ooh! darling, how i know now
the cold blade of knowing nothing really...

  That puff!!!... and silence!
Lethe kisses in small doses
 I'm too many fish floating in fizz
high pitch straight line OST.
 Friends saw me in their dreams, standing tall with long hair,
others taking my hand by force and leading me up the building.
I guess they all saw it coming, 
the jump.

So, it's all been forgiven now,
i say, if you're hungry eat, 
if you're thirsty, drink
but don't break your own heart,
and not for once think i didn't deserve this.


Boat Faith.

 There's a dock right outside Bar Wharf
where Lovers meet mouth to mouth

oh, there is where he gonna leave me on my own or
give me what ma heart desires...

(a hot kiss!)

I'm gonn' be there, well, around five- ish?
and offering my heart on a dish
n' two lips on a plate, n' hope I won't be late
and, boy, I surely hope I'll be kissed!

Boat Faith swims gently by the bay,

 and sunbeams float as my man is harrying my way...
I'm gonn' wait till the sunbeams fly away...
I'll try not to keep you waiting,
try not to keep me waiting,

I'll try not to keep you waiting,
try not to keep me waiting...
We 'll stay till one meets another in perfect harmony,
surrounded by the sea,
oh, how our love was waiting for such a perfect day,
oh Lady Faith how we thank ya
for such an honour...

(sugahspank lyrics 2014)


Weekend's gigs.

Don't Miss out tonight's performance with The Swing Shoes at Plateia Asomaton, Athens. Then back at u tomorrow Saturday at Jazz Point, Athens!


Mash-Up Sessions II

Pics from the video shooting of  "Από το θάνατο προς τη ζωή", fresh collab with Artemis (T.X.C., A/E) and composer/maestro Nikos Papakostas at the old studios of Finos Films. Too bad I didn't manage to picture the quartet, but you'll see it in the clip. Coming soon...