Freedom's just another word.

So, long story short: Back when I was a kiddo, way before I started making music, I used to draw like crazy. I actually wanted to study Fine Arts but my folks wouldn't approve so I got really upset and never drew ever since. As a result, my creative forces chose the path of music in order to express, I guess. Not long ago a dear friend gave me this great present... He sent me an email consisting of Egon Schiele's "The Embrace" along with Dimitri Mitropoulos' solo piano "Beatrice". The combination of sound and vision was such that the spell was broken and I suddenly remembered all the joy and fun that art used to give me as a youngster. My flat is packed in oil and canvas ever since and along with the piano lessons and photography I finally have a clear vision of where I'm getting at creatively. Putting everything together. Hopefully my new album will include my own artwork, each song and a painting. I've had lots of discussions lately about the power of specialization, It's a path I've already chosen to dismiss music wise, so why stop now? John Lurie is a fine jazz man, painter and actor, Gremms is as a hell of an mc as a hell of a street artist and we only got one fuckin' life to live, why limit ourselves? Freedom's just another word, choose, nothing left to loose.

Happy 2014 lovers.

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