With George Kontrafouris' Baby Trio at Aegina's Perdikiotika!



Know this little game, it's called survival
pretty pretty game called survival, survival

 It starts when you bite on the tit of your mommy
that brought you with pain in this day
or cry out in front of the window till daddy 

    buys his upbringing time away.

                                                          So watch me close while explaining this game called survival, 
                                                         pretty pretty game called survival, survival.

                                                                             In kindergarten souls put on a sheet
                                                          for the warming embrace of the pack,
                                                     but some kid knew better that coloured crayons
                                                          and your teacher would never attack.
         Cats and dogs and beetles and grannies all tell you the same solid fact,
    "hunt that cockroach down sonny or you'll get fucked!"

                                                      Aunts and knees and Christmas trees all waiting for you to climb
                                           pulling the soldier from your brother's hand, yelling "mine!"

                                                                    Now why don't we try to go deeper in this game survival,
                                                                    pretty little game called survival.

                                                                 When you were fourteen you would hang out with Dean 
                                                          while dear Danny would call on the phone,

                                                                     but keep on your dream of the spotlessly clean 
                                                     dark prince charming and wonderful home.

                                                                              You'd pump that sweet Jane in the office 
                                                      while June and the kids put the lamb on the stove,
                                                           cause let's face it, it's so hard to be alone...

                          Sometimes you're a prick and your skin is all thick,
                            people may accuse you as disdain,
                            but you know it's true, no one means "I love you"
                             and you value more power than pain.

                  All in the name of survival, survival,
                                                                horrible little game called survival.

                                                              Ageing fast and what could last and U-turns brought me here
                                                         but kiddo there's something you need to hear,

                            well I'm pretty good in beating this game survival,
                        horrible little game called survival.


                                                                                                                          Pics from Volos, Pelio (mostly Damouchari)

                                                                                                                                                Sugahspank lyrics ,Copyright  2012