Building bridges need a helping hand.

How I wanna philosophise with you,
all I wanna do is, baby, talk to you, 

 merely 'bout the great clash in your mind
 that lights up my candles when 
wondering in the dark.

 Oh, you make me wanna play the piano
 and grow flowers in my yard, 

 though I'm terribly crashed in my heart,
and slightly dependant,
but I'm working on all that too,
(not!) just for you.

Now, we're all sentimental people
fighting with our own anxieties,
we don't even know if love is a fact
or a man made delusion,

...we find one thing that works
and we bind it with locks and clocks.
Now, I don't ever wanna mess with your freedom,
I'll just  miss more your sobriety.
Building bridges need a helping hand and
promise I'll work hard for our land.

How you painted all my walls with innocence,
    birthday present from a loving universe...
Boy, I know first hand we all make mistakes,
but as long as it takes,  I'll put all my arrows down 
and my town will be your town...
Sugahspank lyrics, copyright 2013