Sailin' North.

The gig with mc Yinka at Armenistis in Chalkidiki (one of the Greek...Caribbeans) was a blast, late night swim, Mojito il Diabolo (?), Martin Dennies and other superb cocktails by Julius, Yinka sleeping literally everywhere and stupid summer fun fun fun in general! Big big thanx to Coconut Olga aaaaand Paris, hope I'll see you guys real soon... Next day we stopped by Thessaloniki for a quick branch at Ble (omg) with Harry, a lovable tough cookie who's soon opening with a few other twisted artists a brand new futuristic art space called Les Yper Yper, but you'll know more about it soon...

 Can't even begin to describe how much my back and neck hurt cause of the car seat and, well, headbanging :)


The getaway.

                                                    Psari, Kyparissia, Kalo Nero.

Ghost village.

Hidden among snaky roads, hilltops and wild pear trees of the Messynian nature lays Ano Psari (Άνω Ψάρι), a ghostly, abandoned village that once raised heroes. Underneath it, Mycenaenan tombs welcome the strangers who happen to pass by. Read the story HERE.