Marianne & George.

  So, Marianne, one of my best, most beautiful friends since for ever, got married yesterday! I can't even begin to describe how happy I am for her, finding the real deal, cause ladies and gents, the groom aka George came out of nowhere a year ago in her life and proved that, yes, the male species still exists and action speaks louder than words! And I  guess that when a couple combines such talent, passion and anti-conformism, you got a real exciting future waiting to be fulfilled there... 

  So it was a great night, watching friends from the past, babies turning into princesses (I am in love with Electra), mommas and daughters looking damn pretty and happy proud dads becoming friends. Life is a huge exchange. I love you guys both so much and I think that while writing these words I just realize, you guys did it!!!!!

  So let's pretend we're in an American movie wedding and start toasting: Marianne, first I gotta say that the dress, shoes and make-up (thumbs up Vasia) where a childhood dream!!!! (Well our childhood had a lot of Courtney involved, you clean cut stuck up bitches!!) Ok, I know it's a cliché, but you're moving on to this huuuuge new chapter of your life with a great dude... No more insecurities and wasting time, you guys can now build your own new life together, however you want it. You've got a lot of single ladies around you, so show us the way Ms. M.!!!

  George, you're such a sweetheart, being the right one for our girl, while being there to your own family, you know it takes guts, these are personal stuff, but I think you know what I mean. And you need to start wearing more suits, you ROCKED them yesterday! And I know I only know you for a year but I guess we're stuck together forever now, thank God you're a wonderful dude :)

 Highlight of the party was this huuuge kiss you guys gave each other at some point while dancing, I felt like watching the ending of the perfect outlaw couple movie, only this was real! Love you guys sooooo much, and I'm so proud of you. Cheers, in many more happy occasions to come, I can't wait...

Love, love, love

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