Week ends with a blast.

    Ok, I'm having this really fckd up week (month, past year), and trying to focus all this shty energy in the two albums I'm working on. My apartment is a mess, I'm mostly eating crap and I'm really pissed with everything that's going on. Obviously, I try to keep "serious" stuff away from this blog and usually take my vile out on FB, interviews and lyrics, but mostly keep it for myself.
   Anywayz, Monday I got me some ink at Sake Tattoo, but still need a few visits. Tuesday I went to Best Radio to make the jingle for "From Dawn till Dusk: Snowboard Tricks vs. DJs in the Mix” brought to you by Homegrown.gr! It's a major event taking place at Kalavrita Snowpark Sun Feb 19th and it's a fckn guaranteed partytime in the snow that shouldn't miss for the world! You'll be hearing about it more soon. More info HERE.
   This week's revelation though was last night's Leonidas Kavakos' performance at Megaron. He and his Stradivarius, in the sounds of  L. Van Beethoven's violin sonatas, made me admire, forget, hope for a change maybe, for a few short hours. Too many people coughing ( I gave a strong one out too and felt like sht, couldn't help it, I'm sick for 3 weeks!), but the melodies and Kavakos' passionate playing reminded me how noble one must be in front of the divinity of great music. 
HERE is a great interview of Mr. Kavakos that I found myself agreeing in every bit. I hope I'll catch him in many concerts to come.