It's a freakshow!

I hate carnivals in general. While in Spetses though, I happened to pass by Dapia on Sunday afternoon, when the parade suddenly took off... Well, this one was different!!! Gothic folk, for the people, by the people... I became part of a Balkan Tim Burton funeral party by the sea... Subjects were pretty obvious but didn't expect anything different in times like this, thank God I saw a lot of my "love to hate" Greek politics personas being roasted... Great fun while it lasted, plus it had no Latin dancehall music on public speakers and not too many annoying kids screaming out loud. 1000 points of light. Still, too old for this since I was twelve.


  1. Τέλειες φωτογραφίες, φαίνεται διασκεδαστικό... Ίσως από τα λίγα πετυχημένα καρναβάλια φέτος, n'est pas?... Καλό βράδυ! :)