Half Note Reloaded.

Everytime we play at Half Note, he have the time of our lives. So, till next year....................


Half Note Backstage.

I'm in love with these girls, props to Dimitra for the divine hair do's and Eirini Dimopoulou for just being so lovable. Marianne and co, u know, u know...


Nike Free Game II.

                                                                                Never Forget :)
                     Pics by me and the Nike Running Greece Facebook page.


Swing-a-Rolla Wedding!

Just came back from the COOLEST wedding ever! Our girl Eirini from The Swing Shoes got married to Nikos, ex Closer drummer and a hella good fella! We partied at Tiki Bar and of course half the guests were musicians, so live music went on and on! Seriously, one of the most loving couples I know, a perfect match, a rock n' rolla dream romance and two really cool kiddos! Love you guys even more for taking it all the way!