Cosa Nostra.

Last night's pics at Cosa Nostra restaurant, Monastiraki, for Kat's nameday. Oh, my head is spinning right now, oh my what a great time we had :)


The Heavy.


The Heavy rocked Kyttaro hard, the singer is a great guy. And Down and Out are hot (I mean check out them guitars)!!!!!! As for Sugah Galore, well, it was our first gig with our new drummer Filippos and it seemed like the audience liked that cause it was freakin' awesome!
Some pics taken by me, the good ones by ma friend Kostas Papas.


mind your own radio.

The most fan I had in a pretty shitty week, Mind radio rocks!


Some velvet morning.

Vatican Museum.

Vatican museum is packed with ancient symbolism and knowledge, I was thrilled with the Egypt section and the room of maps and astronomy. Michelangelo paintings cannot be described in words. Ok, the Vatican has ripped of Egypt and Greece. But it's still a fascinating museum, mostly because it combines all these different influences. Near the exit the place turns into a supermarket, rosaries and Michelangelo shopping bags. Too bad they wouldn't let us take pictures inside the Cappella Sistina, the beauty was overwhelming. Next time we're promised from our good Vatican insider friend private readings on anchient scriptures, I hate the DaVici Code, I love the history and secrets behind it.