Touring - Movida - Zakynthos

Zante is always a favourite. Had a great time at the Bday of Movida, where I met ma gal FASHION BUTTER! She's soooo sweet, she looks a lot like Eva Longoria! Cheers to you girl, hope I'll see ya soon, a night wasn't enough but I hope it's just the beginning! Till the next time!



First of all I gotta say I'm SOOOOOOOO SORRY for missing the bloggers' night out on Saturday.I soooo wanted to come :( Just arrived from Spetses, got there Friday morning for takin' care of the mthfckn' Sugah summer house! It wasn't easy, I gotta say, we were putting together furniture from 8 in the morning (that's r a r e  for a gal like mois) till late night. The good part is that next week ma house will be ready to move in for the summer. And I love it! And I love ma cousin Fay, she's a sweetheart, we rocked the damn island, check out her band No Fit State!