Sugah Galore update

     Sugah Galore have a new drummer damn it! His name is Philip Capones, he's also the drummer of the killer band CUBE and one of the founders of Spinalonga records. He's a hella skillful dude, plus he plays with his shirt off!!! 
     Though Philip is a great drummer and a great guy, we never forget Sot Stone, who was actually the founder and chief of Sugah Galore for 5 years. We might not play music together anymore, but SG would be nothing without him. It was a really sad thing for all of us to let go, Sugah without the chief, we really love you man....  Check out Sot Stone on a killer  session here and  his hew band Barb Wire Dolls here


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG, You have such beautiful curves

  2. salute to Sotiris. and hail to Philip :)

  3. Barb wire dolls sucks.
    Apart from the girl.
    She makes you laugh every time she opens it.
    Her mouth.