Hey Isvo!

Ma collab with Eisvoleas "Hey Isvo" featured in his new album "Gege" here! Rare Sugahspank! singin' Greek lyrics! I love this guy, he's a sweetheart! But Isvo junior is the real gangsta sht!!!! :) One of the happiest families I've ever met (plus an Ultra stylish wife), cheers to the Isvo fam!


  1. I love that seconed pic! So cute! Both pics are cute actually, I have to say that I love your hair lady! I tried to do my hair like that in HS, but it is really thin and just went greasy and looked wrong. My guy-friend did and it looked awesome though.

  2. Στα ελληνικά ε???
    Πόσα χρόνια που έχεις να το κάνεις αυτό???
    Nice piece!!!

  3. χελοοου δερ-σε ειδα περυσι στην θεσσαλονικη.man you are exotic.

  4. xaxa to pitsiriki einai idios o pateras tou

  5. ellhnka???aaa eimai polli periergh na t akousw...otan kapoios akouei th fwnh sou pairnei orko oti eisai apogonos ths mama africa...apisteuth ''maurila'' sti fwnh!!!apo pou tin klirwnomises anarwtiemai!!!

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