Two afternoons of live recording with the Swing Shoes might have given us enough material for the first Sugahspank! & The Swing Shoes lp. It's commonly received as Gypsy Punk Swing! Waiting for the rough mix, thanx to Thanos and Babis Amorginos (the Earthbound,the Last Drive,Rockin' Bones).  Thanos' studio rocks with some original warm vintage sound!
                                                               Me wearin' this amazing necklace made by Chrisa, check the stuff she makes at chrisapiti.blogspot.com!



So much for me and you
blue ma baby blue,
I blew the hell out of ma room
baby just for you.


Eisvoleas - Gege- An Club!

 Eisvo is ma fckin hero. What a guy, what a night!!! Taki Tsan was there, Xino was there, Word of Mouth was there (welcome back Bitman!), Chrisa and Rena Tsan   were there  , the whole Tomahawk crew was there, I am soooooo glad I've met you all, guys , yesterday I had the time of ma life!! Nuff respect Liako!


Sugah Galore update

     Sugah Galore have a new drummer damn it! His name is Philip Capones, he's also the drummer of the killer band CUBE and one of the founders of Spinalonga records. He's a hella skillful dude, plus he plays with his shirt off!!! 
     Though Philip is a great drummer and a great guy, we never forget Sot Stone, who was actually the founder and chief of Sugah Galore for 5 years. We might not play music together anymore, but SG would be nothing without him. It was a really sad thing for all of us to let go, Sugah without the chief, we really love you man....  Check out Sot Stone on a killer  session here and  his hew band Barb Wire Dolls here


Adidas street party


The adidas street party rocked!!!!!!! Props 2 Dagritzikos &hrest of Six Dogs, Mike and Don't Panic, George and Nina from adidas (for everything, and oh, them shoes!), Yinka, QB, Funk Sinatra, ma boy Who Am I, Dice of Fear, 606er, Mike Senior for hitting the stage, Fanis Afanis and ma guy Billa Quase. Also Manos Nomikos,u know...