xx Just received this pic, Christina, ain't she the prettiest gal ever?! xx
(I'm a t-shirt! Whoa!)


Poseidonion Grace

This weekend in Spetses I had the honour to visit the legendary Poseidonion Grace Hotel built in 1914. It's a place for dreaming on, especially if you're a girl. If you ever happen to be there, you gotta choose the Cupola suite built in the silvery rooftop. Oh, and do try the Tiramisu with greek coffee and caramelised mandoles, one of the best I've ever had... Oh, the good life........


Rhodes pt3- Knights Palace.

Rhodes is one of the few greek islands that looks even more beautiful in a bad weather. We visited again the Knights Palace and the Old city, and I tried to imagine how it would be like living back then! Knights, alchemy, dark lil streets (smellin' rather awful I guess), secret knowledge and plots plots plots....


fck sht fck sht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma camera broke. More than 60 pics of the coolest time we had at Patra are gonne. Somehow, these four from our departure were saved in the memory card. I just bought a brand new Canon Ixus. I just wanted the Patra pics damn it, cause we had an amazing time. Actually the hospitality of the guys from Mojo Radio, Pas Mal and Inner Ear is smth we'll never forget. Damn it, I wish I could show u guys how great it was....
Christo, Saki, Adrea, Perikli, Petro, Spyro (world's #1 tour driver), Un Hombre Solo, I already miss u guys, and if I don't see u soon enough, I'll wait for u this summer in Spetses....

btw. Wornfree tshirt replica from John Lennon's outfit
     Super sunglasses, thanx Mano!