Waitin' for Stereo Mike to call me

I know I ain't there with u girls (yeap, talkin' to ma fashion bloggaz). No AXDW, no comments on your wonderful posts, though I check your blogs every now and then. Truth is I'm pretty tired and waitin' for this cruel month to end. It's been wonderful goin' to all these beautiful places, meeting all these beautiful people. Xanthi, Thessaloniki, Komotini, Lamia, Crete and now back to Pireaus waitin' for Stereo Mike to call me. Tonigh I'm playin' with that big love of ma life, Sugah Galore at Kytarro. Oh, and 63 High are gonna be with us, they are the hottest dudes from Salonica ever!
Tryin' to organize ma summer island tour, any ideas for islands that I could perform with dj Oxocube? We're lookin' for summertime, beachbars with banana trees and elaborate coctails, funky bars with freestyle decks, man, all I need is a mic and a fresh Pina Colada, infact I wanna jump off ma balcony and go swimming right now! Well I'll be swimmin' in sweat tonight at Kytarro wearin' ma new Sugah Galore t-shirt!Come grab one! See ya there!

too many colours to try on, but I chose the classics
ps: oooh, check the cameltoe on 1rst pic! wtf???????


  1. cameltoe LOL! happens to the best of us!

    girl, we missed you lots, will you come to any of the Fashion Week Athens shows?

    as for islands, please, please, PLEASE come to Samos and please let me be there too to see you and then take you to a tour around the best beaches of the island! we have Iraion Rock Festival goin' on there every summer, I can get you in touch with the people there...

  2. katarxhn yparxei eidiko prama gia na krybei ta cameltoes k alla eidiko gia na ta anadikniei!!!



    deyteron i adore mike!

  3. ennoeitai kotitsa mou megalh anakalupsh!!!! k ama laxei to kaneis kai piato gia sushi!!

  4. e oxi kai girls!!!
    ligo arga mathame gia to simerino...ante na doume pote tha aksiwthoume na se akousoume kai apo konta!

  5. ooooh, thelo tshirt, pou vrisko!?