Good times? Nuh! Great times!

OMG! I had the best time ever! The gig in Ksanthi rocked! The Old Town was a beauty, but the most beautiful thing was the people! Wish me and Oxocube could play at Dili- Dili every Saturday night! Cheers to Mihalis (rockmadness), Dimitris (x psofioi korioi), Nikos, Eleni,Vaskos, hope I see ya soon guys! Funny thang was that I ripped off ma Jeans on stage, nope that ain't a skidmark, just dirt from rubbin' ma ass on stage!

Next day we had a gig at Thessaloniki, in a great place called Partizan. We played at the basement, kind of a stage/gallery. As time passes, I feel like Thessaloniki is a place I really know. All the people were amazing one more time, from George, the owner of Partizan, to Eva Kousiopoulou, journalist, radio dj at 9,58 and promoter. I have the feeling that I'm makin' real friends. Well the night went along great, Efharis showed up lookin' extra hot, then I did a lil djing, then passed out!

Following night was dedicated to oldschool hip hop, since DMC from Run DMC was in town! I went to catch this Hip Hop god live at Block 33 and found ma beloved ZOLTAN TRIBE, maximum respect once again! No words for the gig, it was fuckin' amazing! Cheers once more to Zoltan, Sifu Versus who got me on stage, Professional Sinnerz, 63 High, ma girl Eva, Chrissa and lord DmC!

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  1. missed you godammit! once again your hair is pretty cool. and so is the nirvana t-shirt Dmc wears. yeap. need to go for drinks. make it happen. over and out.