Yesterday night I had a gig in Public, Syntagma sponsored by Mtv. Oxocube did some warmin' up for the audience, I then performed, clap clap, then came the best part in any gig, hangin' out with the cool people from the audience and gettin' wasted...
Well among the people while on stage, ma eyes cought this lovely lady that seemed rather familiar, wearin' a lovely red cap, beautiful scarf and lookin' pretty in loooooove, and I'm like "is that Cloe in the sky with diamonds?"

Yeeeap! And she's so pretty! Lopi, Alecca and the rest of you bloggin' chickas, when the f*ck are we gonna drink that coffee!!! Honestly, I think we could all use some restless girltalk, like when we used to have real time just doin' nothing, well shopping maybe.....
Near the stage there was this hot gang that I really hope I'll be seeing more often! We had this great talk about hip hop culture and the classic "this is Greece man!", I think we all agreed about how the times are -a-changin' :) Cheers to all u guys, hope we'll meet again soon..


  1. oi, post a list of ur gigs somewhere so that all of us clueless fans can follow. Luckily Chloe informed me about this one, but as I feared work took the best of me last night. Looks like you had tons of fun, *envy*. Schedule that coffee then;)

  2. have to agree with alecca!! we definitely have to meet!!! and there's no better reason than a blogo-sugah-meeting!!!! =)))

  3. we fought for a table at the front row! =)

    girls let's arrange for that coffee soon =D

  4. yeah, we suck at arranging coffee-dates, I know!
    maybe next Saturday? or at the xmas swap-not-shop party on Sunday?

  5. Well, that sounds great!
    I'll send you an SMS to arrange things up!