Mickey Pantelous is The Dude

Mickey is a one man band (that is playin' all the instruments on his own at the same time), blues man to the bone, performing every Wednesday at Alavastron. I reccomend his show, he's playin' for two hours while vjing on the background the history of blues. He's too good to describe, you gotta catch him up live, I mean that... His myspace...
Oxocube will b doin' the production of his new album, hope Mickey will receive the attention he deserves...

Here's smth for Bianca and Marianne :)


  1. why, thank you :)
    foveros ontws.
    otan diavasa "here's something for bianca and marianne" ekana syneirmo mick jagger! AHAHAHAHAHHAHA
    i missed you

  2. missed u too :) Mack(attack) recorded an amazing bossa nova :)perastikaaaaaa