The Dark Show

Vodka Junkiors are a kick ass band and some real great fellas. Maybe the coolest gang of four I've ever met. They performed the Dark Show at Gagarin 205 two days ago and I still feel ma ribs kinda weird. I watched most of the show from backstage since we met on stage later for "colour of hate", damn those boys know how to rock n' roll! The gig was sold out, Bianca was there (every proper rock gig must have a lil Bianca in it), Haris gave us the idea for organizing the "cool as f*ck greek dudes 2009" poll, and after that Jesus De la Mascara photoshoot I think it's time to take it seriously.
Waiting your response for other nominees!


  1. Geia sou re Harry me tis idees sou. Mesa! Pws tha to organosoume auto les?
    epishs, thank you for the compliment dear, for the pics. He does look amazing doesn't he?

  2. i was there,too girl!!!!!! too bad i didn't get to see bianca and you....
    Vodka juniors are the best!

  3. @ bianka: kale den htan idea tou xarh, o xarhs tha einai upopsifios!!!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaa ok! hahahahahahahahahahaha! fair enough einai super cool tupos ontws.