The SS Orders

A Catwalk Soundtrack from today's mixgrill.gr . Enjoy!
This one's for u girls
this one's for u girls
this one's for u girls!!!


  1. kala, marh se koufane h strigglia tou mwrou kai den akouges to thlefwno?

  2. ahahhahhhhaa, just read it. thanks babe, i need it. ki egw mou euxomai 5 pontous ypsous parapanw. xoxo
    (misw hipsters)

  3. loved it!

    just tell the mixgrill people not to have autoplay music on the post page, 'cause we can't hear the youtube!

    PS too bad you missed the Tassos Vrettos exhibition opening last night at benaki museum... I know, I know, duty called at stavros tou notou. you'll never guess who showed up, though! clue: she sings with mitropanos this season...

  4. wickeeed! cool catwalk soundtracks are much needed amongst other stuff on the Greek runaways;) Tacky or not, if I ever stage a show of my own, this is hitting the speakers in every possible mix, for good old times sake...


  5. @sugarjuju: se thl se ligo stamata!!!!!!!!
    @lopi:I tried to go but there was a strike goin' on in the center and I got BORED!!!pffff...
    @Alecca: aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh den tha ksanabgei pote tipota tetoio????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!