The Elvis of Greek cities, Thessaloniki,was once more cool as fuck. Me and BnC drove there for a Zoltan Tribe gig @ Block 33 with Belleruche. Block 33 is kinda like Mylos, only FRESH! The guys from Zoltan Tribe got this huge thing goin' on, promoting hip hop in their city with tons of style! Nuff Respect to Zoltan! Belleruche were amazing, the chick's got a great voice, in the end we all had a quick jam together where I showed off ma beatboxing skills (?)... Oh, and , I met Monika and she's soooooooooo cute! Then we went for the two Salonika basics: bougatsa and Stoa! I can't remember any gig in this city that I won't end up disgustingly drunk (in Athens I almost never drink alcohool, some wine maybe, but that's it). Cheers 2 Alex, Popi, Mikey, 63 High, the Archangel team, hot mama Aleka Apergi, Homer, Eva Kousiopoulou......big kiss to ma boy BnC for being SO FUCKIN" TALENTED!


  1. pare me mazi sou thn epomenh fora pleeeaaase.

  2. bougatsa is good but somehow Thessaloniki for me is 1,2,3,4 wraps from Derlicatesen:) fun photos! my weekend was b.o.r.i.n.g