AXDW, people


  1. aaa eprepe na bgaleis k emena photo!

  2. thank god you posted a proper photo of bianca because all this time we only see her wonderful figure and her amazingly colored kitchen!!!
    too bad as she is a true BEAUTY!!!

  3. den to pisteuw h battered couture exei toso gluko proswpaki
    eblepa ta post ths kai nomiza oti tha eixa agrio ufaki mia pu exei polu rock stulaki !
    einai thea giati sunduazei to wild me to sweet
    ti fatsoni fluko !!!!!!!!

  4. klaiw apo ta gelia me th fatsamou sth deuterh photo. Egw ksexasa tin photografiki mou sthn tsanta tis anastasias. Akomh na thn parw pisw. duh. You looked hot and your make up was just right if you ask me. :*

  5. tha sumfwnisw me tin bianca! Se eida apo konta kai to make up itan polu kalo!!! ;)

  6. ey! sugarline katerinaki! i swear i saw her that day outside a show but as i moved closer to say hello i lost her in the crowd. man, we must have been so close!

    (u all look so hot, how on earth did i miss u? then again, better this way as my camera was seriously misbehaving that night!)

    till the next one;)