Nixon, Hurley and a dead cellphone

Well, ma cellphone died. Any dear friend reading this can send me a "this is me, aaaiiight?" SMS. At least I had a good day. The nice thing on being a musician is FREE CLOTHES! Not just any clothes, great clothes, like NIXON and HURLEY. So I went down at Master in Alimos and met ma good friend Manos Nomikos for a clothing fiesta! Here are some pics from Master:

I Love ma Job!
I Love ma Job!
I Love ma Job!
So I went out, cellphone free, wearin' Hurley clothing and Nixon hat!
Cheers Manos! (send me your phonenumber if u're reading this man!)


360 Heroes

Check out ma beatbox documentary for Vice and Vodaphone 360 here!!!!


Retouch Revised

Retouch on the retouch of the old cheap black jacket:

Yeeeeaaah!!!! Someone feels like a real Rockstar!!!!!

Busy Dayz

Well, haven't blogged for a while and that's because:
First of all I retouched an old cheap jacket and turned it into this:
I know, I know! I mean, I reccomend ma Singer to all fashion victims like mois!
Then I had a gig with Sugah Galore @ An Club! Our keyboards player Dinos came from Berlin just for the gig, we played together after six months and it felt great! I looked like this:
Husker Du t-shirt ROCKS!
A true revelation was the band playin' before us, Duke Abduction, man they
rocked the house big time! By far ma new favourite Greek band, check 'em out!
Here are some pics from An Club:

That's Duke Abduction:

...and that's Sugah Galore:
Well woke up this morning smelling cigarettes and rock and went to radiobubble.gr for Panos Michail's (greek gaylolita) show. What them guys have done there is pretty amazing... Panos is a multitalented Aquarius that I was talking to now and then through blogs and myspace. He's a journalist, graphist, photographer and blogger, one of the guys that u meet and them wanna keep 'em in your life somehow...
Here's Radio Bubble:
Say, I don't know what tomorrow may bring, and I like dat...


The Intelectual Pothead's list

Listen to the mixtape here...
For Panos Tomaras and Oxocube...
Cheers mixgrill.gr!



...There'll be a table for the Fashion Bloggers, damn now what do I wear??????? :)


Southern Cross Revised

Cheers to this guy here called Costas Pappas for taking these great photos at Stavros tou Norou last Tuesday! I could see him shooting the whole time and this morning he sent me tons of pics! Whatta cute guy! One more reason for loving ma job is meeting great people who dig music, guys like this can really make your day!! Cheers Costa!