Tassos Vrettos

So yesterday ma camera broke. Thank God I can update my "me me me" blog thanx to Tassos Vrettos, the fantastic photographer that shot me today for Pontiki Art's cover. He was such an amazing guy, he later sent me most of the pics! Gotta admit the guy's got an AMAZING studio, and damn he deserves it! This Wednesday Tassos is opening his exhibition " Athina, city & cinema" at Benaki Museum.
I'm going
I'm going
I'm going

for sure....



Yeap! I got ma own column @ mixgrill.gr! It's called The SS Orders, and it's a kind of a list of ma fav songs that I'll be giving away every fifteen days! I love it!
Here's is the link for ma first list about the blues:


You can hear the mixtape while reading about the tracks!


Freddie F.

1.Freddie F., me and Panos Tomaras (Earthbound, The Swing Shoes)
2.Me and Oxocube (photo by Freddie F)
3.Me, M. Hulot & Freddie

Freddie is by far ma fav Greek photographer. He's the guy who won't use photoshop, he won't make you look pretty, but HELLA interesting. Lately we hang out a lot, mostly for work and he usualy photographs me, but sometimes he gets to be the model too. He started his own blog:



Sexy Bitch

A good friend informed me that I'm a nominee for Yupi.gr 's Beautiful People 2009. Me and my 76 kilos went on the web and found this:


Yeap, my name is among Petroula, Anna Drouza and Thelxi. I think that Greece is gettin' really confusing when it comes to star system. On the other hand, it's ten in the morning and I'm wearing a flashy green bathrobe, haven't washed off the make up from last night, so I look like crap and I gotta admit the way I think of myself is closer to a she-butcher when it comes to the way I walk, talk, stand or sit. So vote for Sugahspank!, cause I can beat up your dad.


Pics by M. Hulot