sabotaz updated

Cool video from Friday night I found on Youtube. Frank iz the man.



Just arrived from a street party in Monastiraki @ Sabotaz graffiti store... Missed the streets a lot since the days of Cast-a-Blast Soundsystem. Cheers to Fanis Afanis, Fernandez, Achileas & Brain... I guess specially to Achileas for the hospitality and good vibe.
Oxocube is gettin' pretty good at djing, gotta admit I only knew he was a hell of a producer/graphic designer. Cheers to the team :)
Lookin' out for two used cdj1000 . . .



This morning I hooked up with the guys at Vice. Smoking is forbided, so that's the out come of a cigarette outside, don't know why but got lots of compliments for ma new yellow adidas sneakers! Cheers 2 Freddie F, M. Hulot & Meropi!


Swing Shoes updated!

The Swing Shoes got a new violin player, Andreas! Cool kiddo, the one u can call a real nice guy... Most of the times a Swing Shoes rehearshal turns into a big food fest thanx to Fotini, a great preggie cook!

Welcome Fckrs!

Had the idea of creating a blog last night, after a pretty fun gig in N. Filadelfia. Not too crouded but pretty amazing people there... Me and Oxocube rocked the house for about an hour, lots of friends, kiddos, dogs. Cheers too all the sound engineers, Mimis, Andreas, Mike, Broku, Panayiotis, Vasilis & Maria, plus a big kiss to ma gals from Thrakomakedones. Wish I had the pic :)

Here's one though with ma boys Word of Mouth @ 2nd Athens Hip Hop Festival

photo by hiphop.gr