Merry Exotica.

Really glad I spent Christmas Eve with Gerasimos Lavranos. For those who don't know who he is, well he's a greek music composer who shoulda share the same fame with Hatzidakis or Thodorakis, but he never really got along with press and politics. He discovered Nana Moushouri, Dimitra Galani, Demis Roussos (he was responsible for his outfits too), made music for too many Finos Films movies, got soooo many awards worldwide, and recorded the most amazing exotica and lounge music IN GREECE during the 60's. He's willing to help me for ma new album and I can't describe how honoured I feel. We had an amazing Xmas Eve with Oxocube and Panayiotis, a dear friend and director who introduced us few months ago when I performed at Half Note. Mr. Lavranos wanted to rename me "Georgia Brown" like he renamed some years before a singer to "Jenny Vanou". He's the sweetest guy and I will never forget last night. Hope I'll make smth good with his music... Here's a rare interview at esspresso (?). Thank u Panayioti :))

Merry Xmas Guys!


Flat tire and a Christmas Carol

Well yesterday I had a flat tire. Then the Swing Shoes came and rescued me. And today we had a Christmas recording at Radiomegaro for Kosmos Radio, damn I love them studios, so much music recorded there, love the vibe. We recorded Louis Armstrong's "Oh when the saints go marchin' in", classic russian "Kalinka" (ma grandpa was from Saint Petersburg so this one goes to him), and our classics "John the revelator" and Ray Charles' "I got a woman". Stay tuned..


The Dark Show

Vodka Junkiors are a kick ass band and some real great fellas. Maybe the coolest gang of four I've ever met. They performed the Dark Show at Gagarin 205 two days ago and I still feel ma ribs kinda weird. I watched most of the show from backstage since we met on stage later for "colour of hate", damn those boys know how to rock n' roll! The gig was sold out, Bianca was there (every proper rock gig must have a lil Bianca in it), Haris gave us the idea for organizing the "cool as f*ck greek dudes 2009" poll, and after that Jesus De la Mascara photoshoot I think it's time to take it seriously.
Waiting your response for other nominees!


Today I gotta:

1. Bake banoffee(boiling the milk right now)
2.Take the banofee up to Kifissia for tonight's big paaaarteeeey.
3. Go to Gagarin 205 for the Vodka Juniors gig where we'll perform together the "colour of hate" song.
4. Go back to Kifissia for the party.
5. Back home @ Pireas.

Sometimes I feel like Athens is the yard and I'm the gardener with that lill' car trimmin' the grass.


Mickey Pantelous is The Dude

Mickey is a one man band (that is playin' all the instruments on his own at the same time), blues man to the bone, performing every Wednesday at Alavastron. I reccomend his show, he's playin' for two hours while vjing on the background the history of blues. He's too good to describe, you gotta catch him up live, I mean that... His myspace...
Oxocube will b doin' the production of his new album, hope Mickey will receive the attention he deserves...

Here's smth for Bianca and Marianne :)



Yesterday night I had a gig in Public, Syntagma sponsored by Mtv. Oxocube did some warmin' up for the audience, I then performed, clap clap, then came the best part in any gig, hangin' out with the cool people from the audience and gettin' wasted...
Well among the people while on stage, ma eyes cought this lovely lady that seemed rather familiar, wearin' a lovely red cap, beautiful scarf and lookin' pretty in loooooove, and I'm like "is that Cloe in the sky with diamonds?"

Yeeeap! And she's so pretty! Lopi, Alecca and the rest of you bloggin' chickas, when the f*ck are we gonna drink that coffee!!! Honestly, I think we could all use some restless girltalk, like when we used to have real time just doin' nothing, well shopping maybe.....
Near the stage there was this hot gang that I really hope I'll be seeing more often! We had this great talk about hip hop culture and the classic "this is Greece man!", I think we all agreed about how the times are -a-changin' :) Cheers to all u guys, hope we'll meet again soon..



...is our last performance at Stavros tou Notou and we're gonna burn the fckr down, be there! Big big thanx to all the guys from Stavros, Evita, Elpida, Michalis, Takis, Sotiris and all the guys workin' there every Tuesday night with us, it was a hella good experience.. Cheers...


Winter Spetses

Spent two days tryin' to get all ma phone contacts back, wearin' Nixon cap, Hurley Jacket and a vintage Boy t-shirt.

I went to meet the architect of the lill' house I bought, before he starts tearin' off walls. I then used "paint" in order to decide the colours we'll use.. Came back exhausted in Hurley Jacket, Hurley backpack and Nixon cap. I need some rest pronto...
Hey, honestly now, which colour do u guys prefer for the house?


Nixon, Hurley and a dead cellphone

Well, ma cellphone died. Any dear friend reading this can send me a "this is me, aaaiiight?" SMS. At least I had a good day. The nice thing on being a musician is FREE CLOTHES! Not just any clothes, great clothes, like NIXON and HURLEY. So I went down at Master in Alimos and met ma good friend Manos Nomikos for a clothing fiesta! Here are some pics from Master:

I Love ma Job!
I Love ma Job!
I Love ma Job!
So I went out, cellphone free, wearin' Hurley clothing and Nixon hat!
Cheers Manos! (send me your phonenumber if u're reading this man!)


360 Heroes

Check out ma beatbox documentary for Vice and Vodaphone 360 here!!!!


Retouch Revised

Retouch on the retouch of the old cheap black jacket:

Yeeeeaaah!!!! Someone feels like a real Rockstar!!!!!

Busy Dayz

Well, haven't blogged for a while and that's because:
First of all I retouched an old cheap jacket and turned it into this:
I know, I know! I mean, I reccomend ma Singer to all fashion victims like mois!
Then I had a gig with Sugah Galore @ An Club! Our keyboards player Dinos came from Berlin just for the gig, we played together after six months and it felt great! I looked like this:
Husker Du t-shirt ROCKS!
A true revelation was the band playin' before us, Duke Abduction, man they
rocked the house big time! By far ma new favourite Greek band, check 'em out!
Here are some pics from An Club:

That's Duke Abduction:

...and that's Sugah Galore:
Well woke up this morning smelling cigarettes and rock and went to radiobubble.gr for Panos Michail's (greek gaylolita) show. What them guys have done there is pretty amazing... Panos is a multitalented Aquarius that I was talking to now and then through blogs and myspace. He's a journalist, graphist, photographer and blogger, one of the guys that u meet and them wanna keep 'em in your life somehow...
Here's Radio Bubble:
Say, I don't know what tomorrow may bring, and I like dat...