In the Night Blues.

I love you like I love the sun.
You make ma rockin' world go round.
From all the beauty in the world
the greatest thing is being your girl.
Don't need to travel lands or miles
'cause I see sunsets in your eyes.
My mornings rise when you wake up and
when you're gone I need you back, and

...in the night,
when I lay my bones,
Lord I can't make it
on my own,
'cause, mighty stars n' storm, 
it's true, 
my heart's full on in love with you...

I need you like a Jesus Christ, 
you come and save me from my lies.
I crave you like a deadly sin,
I wanna get down if you
know what I mean,
and when the Lord comes to
rest your soul
I'm gonn' ask him to come with you
'cause there ain't no future for me there
when all my babies have your hair, and 

in the night
when I lay my bones
Lord I can't make it
on my own,
'cause, mighty stars and storm, it's true,
my heart's full on in love with you...


Koo Koo Girl.

Here's a vid I made a while ago. I shooted my boys (along with the help of Moses Nahmias) at a weirdly cute motel we visited at Pelio during our summer tour, plus used footage that I took after an uphill walk of the Spetses mountain in order to find "¨ΧΑΡΑ", an abandoned sanatorium on top.
True story :)


Yo Yo, The Video.

Our new clip is here! I made it myself by small vids I took during my vacation last year in Lesvos island, also vids I took of The Swing Shoes during our touring in the Greek islands. It's homemade, it's bumpy, it's sexy, enjoy :)



Kula#2, acrylics and embroidered satin on  fabric, 65x65cm, 2015.


Kula #1.

 (Acrylics, pigments, oil, pastels and silk embroidery on fabric, 65x65cm, 2015)

My mother was pretty badass in embroidery. I remember her making miracles during my childhood until she totally ruined her arms and neck. I'm making a series of paintings mixed with freestyle embroidery inspired by her.