You must be born again.

I created this video for my Time Based Media class while studying the various aspects of environmental art, but turned out that I took the whole thing way too seriously, so I guess it worked. My urban gardening experimentation started by the ending of this video and now my whole balcony is packed with veggies of all kinds. I'm in constant search for net tips on seeds etc, and basically having the time of my life with all my new green babies! This video is not about urban gardening though, it's more of a "pictures from my funeral and resurrection" kind of thing, hope you'll manage to watch the whole thing...


Yo Yo, The Video.

Our new clip is here! I made it myself by small vids I took during my vacation last year in Lesvos island, also vids I took of The Swing Shoes during our touring in the Greek islands. It's homemade, it's bumpy, it's sexy, enjoy :)



Kula#2, acrylics and embroidered satin on  fabric, 65x65cm, 2015.


Kula #1.

 (Acrylics, pigments, oil, pastels and silk embroidery on fabric, 65x65cm, 2015)

My mother was pretty badass in embroidery. I remember her making miracles during my childhood until she totally ruined her arms and neck. I'm making a series of paintings mixed with freestyle embroidery inspired by her.



Triple call your name.

Our brand new video clip from the album "A holy show" is here!
Massive thanx to our director Stefanos Bertakis who followed us all the way to Crete for five days during our summer tour...